How You Can Pass The Bpad Test


The Bpad test determines your ability to remain calm and stay in control of a situation that plays out on a video simulator in front of you. Police officers often find themselves in situations that are out of control upon their arrival. Emotions tend to run high and officers need to remain calm so that they can handle any situation and come to a peaceful resolution.

A bpad test exposes you to different situations that last between two and five minutes each. You will encounter irate motorists, inconsolable citizens and disgruntled neighbors that are part of various scenarios. You will need to give verbal responses to the situation as if it was actually taking place in front of you. Your responses and engagement is on a video recording and factors into your final test score.

There are a few things you can do that will help your overall performance on this test. Engage in role playing activities with another person and capture the scenarios on videotape. It will help you pinpoint areas of improvement when test day arrives. Work to quickly resolve a situation and remain calm in the process. Practice mentally processing details that are relevant to the scenario so that you can provide swift responses without omitting key information.

As a potential future police officer, test examiners will be looking to see how you go about solving problems. You want to resolve a situation as opposed to escalating the situation to another level. Treat the situation as if you were an actual police officer responding to a call. Keep a civil tone and do not show favoritism or anger in your tone or verbal responses. The more preparation you can get, the more relaxed you will be on test day.



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